Finding Your License

From ambitious beginners to experienced professionals, I have a license that will fit your specific needs.

Licensing Options

Fair and transparent licensing for independent artists.

Basic Lisence


This license is for beginner artists who are just starting to release their music.

Premium License


This license is for semi-professional artists who want higher audio quality and less limitations.

Pro License


This license is perfect for serious artists who want the best quality and the most control over their mix. 

Exclusive Rights

(Limited Availability)

This license is for professional artists who want full rights over their music. Exclusive rights are not sold to everyone. Contact me via email if interested.

Struggling to choose which license to purchase?


Interested in exclusive rights?

We don’t sell exclusive rights to every artist. 

Please send us some of your (previous) work or demos and tell us more about yourself as an artist.

Inquire using the button below.